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Month: March 2018

SaltCON 2018

SaltCON 2018

Open Gaming Hall, SaltCON 2018
Day 1 in the open gaming area. Things would get much busier before selling out on Day 3.

This last weekend, we had the always welcome opportunity to play games. Lots of games. Nonstop games for 4 days. Our second year attending SaltCON was a huge hit. The sold out event was a gamer’s paradise, with hundreds of tables and a fully stocked game library. The exhibitor hall was home to some of my favorite publishers and plenty of local folks involved in the industry. We scored some great deals in the game swap and barely had time to stick our heads in the miniature gaming room. We completely missed the RPG events and the many board game tournaments going on.

Gamelyn showing off Heroes of Air, Land, and Sea which looks fantastic. They also shared some details on the next Tiny Epic game… it’s going to be awesome!

We learned several games and I had the chance to teach a few favorites to others. We were able to pick up a few more and began playing them immediately after we got home. Best of all we spent great time with family, old friends, and new friends.

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