There are many websites devoted to Board and Tabletop Games. What makes 21st Century Cardboard any different?

This site is largely a personal project, an opportunity to write about a passion of mine and hopefully help entertain and educate others.

So who am I? I grew up on games, usually of the digital variety. I fondly remember playing the NES, SNES, and many of the consoles that have come in the decades since. I still play video games from time to time, but most of what I enjoyed in my younger years is no longer a part of modern day video games. Couch co-op, splitscreen multiplayer, and other such social aspects of video games have been replaced with online elements.

I also enjoyed board games. I used to nag my family to play Monopoly, Life, Payday, Stratego and others. My uncle taught me chess and I played for a couple of years. My best friend and I would make up our own house rules for the closet full of games from my parents childhood.

I dove into so called “modern board games” over a decade ago. Ticket to Ride was my gateway game, Alhambra and Quirkle were other early favorites. A few years later I worked a holiday season at the FLGS (Friendly Local Game Store), discovering Dominion, Small World and Pandemic.

Today’s board games offer tactile, hands-on interaction with physical components and in person social interaction that is increasingly rare in today’s digital world. Thematic games create complete experiences that can rival any screen with the right group of players. Exploring new mechanics provides excellent opportunities for critical thinking.

Here at 21st Century Cardboard I hope to share my love for the hobby with other gamers and those exploring gaming. I expect future content to be a mix of review, how to and commentary. As a writer I expect this to serve as a source of creativity to mix up my other projects. Leave a comment or drop me a line via the contact page.

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