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Strategy Card Games: CCG’s, ECG’s, and LCG’s

Strategy Card Games: CCG’s, ECG’s, and LCG’s

I am very excited to have game designer Jesse Bergman of Punch-It Entertainment with us today to discuss strategy card games and their place in the larger tabletop and boardgaming hobby. Collectible and expandable card games make up a large and important segment of the hobby that I personally have less hands on experience with. Jesse is here to enlighten me, and probably inflict some damage on my wallet as well.

Kyle: Before we start our discussion, why don’t you give us a brief introduction of yourself and your current project?

Jesse: Hey thanks so much for allowing me to come here and co-write this with you. My name is Jesse Bergman and I created a game called Battle for Sularia. Our current project is Reign of Terror: The Protoan currently seeking funds over on Kickstarter. This is a stand alone expansion to the original Battle for Sularia. I’m super excited to talk today about card games on the market and why it’s one of my favorite genres in this hobby.

Battle for Sularia

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